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Furnaces for lampwork

Furnaces for lampwork

Lampwork (lampwork) - one of the oldest glass processing technology, which uses the flame of a gas burner. In ancient times, the artist used the heat of the oil lamp, forcing air through the tube, and the oldest samples date from the twenty-first century BC.

The objects created in this technique are often called Venetian, Murano glass. Lampwork, in contrast to blowing, is formed using special tools and gravity.

Advantages of lampwork stoves

After the product is formed on the gas burner, it must be placed in an oven for further heat treatment. Annealing beads strengthens them, they become durable and acquire a special, unique pattern.

The furnace controller allows you to extremely accurately regulate the temperature, which eliminates the possibility of spoiling the products by improper hardening. In addition, the feature of furnace-hardened beads is a particularly chiseled and finished look, they look like real works of art, to which a knowledgeable master had a hand, working on details and not losing sight of any trifle.

You must admit that in each bead that you produce there remains a piece of your mood and memories, and that is why it is so important that not a single thing gets spoiled, faded or broken.

Vitrasole Company

We offer you to buy equipment for the lampwork from us: our designers develop it themselves, thanks to this they will be happy to help you find the equipment that would allow you to reach a new level and discover previously unknown creative horizons!

LW16 pro furnace for lampwork, metall clay, hot enamels

Main characteristics:Working area (WxDxH) - 400x200x185 mmVoltage - 220V, 1 f, 50HzPower - 1.8 kWMax..


Печь LW8 pro для лэмпворка, metall clay, медной глины

Main characteristics:Working area (WxDxH) - 200x200x185 mmVoltage - 220V, 1 f, 50HzPower - 1.2 kWMax..


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