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400F fusing oven

400F fusing oven

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Main characteristics:

Working area (ShhDhV) - 400х300х230 mm

Voltage - 220V, 1 f, 50Hz

Power - 4 kW., The option of 2 kW is possible

Maximum temperature - 950 ° С

External dimensions (W x D x H) -

800x925x670 mm

Weight - 85 kg

Warranty - 2 years

The ideal oven for fusing and bending in a small workshop and home environment. Suitable for the interior of any room - a convenient form, modern design, neutral colors and small dimensions. It is plugged into an ordinary 220V mains (into a grounded outlet.

You can learn more about the characteristics and advantages of Vitrasole ovens here.

External dimensions (W x D x H) 800х925х670 мм
Weight 85 кг
Work Area (WxLxH) 400х300х230 мм
Maximum temperature 950°С
Voltage 220В, 1 ф, 50Гц
Power 4 кВт., возможен вариант 2 кВт

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