Main advantages of large fusing and bending furnaces
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Main advantages of large fusing and bending furnaces

Main advantages of large fusing and bending furnaces
20 October, 2019
1. The presence of an industrial computer. A modern industrial computer makes your work with the furnace more convenient and accurate. You can save an unlimited number of fusing programs, configure them more precisely - more steps, more options in setting up automatic processes associated with opening the lid for a certain time and height, automatic change of trolleys, operation of the cooling system, more precise temperature setting, heating and cooling speed steps. The computer saves gigabytes of data on the operation of the furnace, you can always get data on how the process was going on a certain day, identify the causes of errors, improve program settings. A large touch screen makes programming and controlling the stove more convenient.

2. The ability to use two trolleys on both sides. The cost of the second trolley is 60,000 rubles.

 Using an additional trolley will allow you to save several hours of working time required for laying out the product on a work surface on each batch of products. The product can be laid out on the second trolley before the fusing process on the first is completed, and immediately after its completion, change the trolleys and start the process on the second.

3. Automatic change of trolleys (optional) - if you have previously prepared the product for sintering on an additional trolley and programmed the furnace, then at the end of the fusing process on the first trolley, the trolleys will automatically change and the process will start on the second trolley (especially convenient at night, or when no one is in the workshop). Thus, you will receive two batches of products, laying them on the working surface of the furnace, at a convenient time for you.

4. Lifting the lid by the height sensor allows you to open the lid during cooling. It is possible to program the opening of the lid to a certain small height to increase the cooling rate.

Vitrasole Oven screen

5. Three temperature control zones allow you to use programs to bend (bend) the glass and more evenly heat the entire surface of the working area.

6. Large touch screen (8-10 ") on the control panel.

7. Safety - in the process of glass fusing, the heating elements of the furnace are heated above 900 ° C, therefore, in the design, we pay special attention to factors ensuring the SAFETY of the workplace:

a) high-quality wiring, the best heat-insulating materials;

b) the presence of control systems and protection programs - our unique development is a controller that provides control of the health of all important elements of the furnace - power triac module, heating elements, measuring thermocouples, normalizers, furnace lid, housing temperature, etc. It gives a warning on the screen, and You can detect and fix the malfunction in time;

c) an independent case overheating sensor - blocks the operation of the furnace in the event of an emergency and the risk of fire, helps to prevent a fire hazard by turning off the faulty furnace.

8. Programming the fusing process - using the control controller (programmer), you can configure and save an almost unlimited number of programs. The controller has a convenient touch screen with which you can monitor the process and manage it by setting commands, editing and saving fusing programs.

9. Energy saving - using the delayed start timer, you can set a convenient start time for the furnace. For example, with two-tariff meters, in order to save electricity and reduce the load on the power grid, you can set the furnace to turn on at night. It will turn off automatically at the end of the process.

10. Uniform high-quality sintering. The most important moment in the operation of the furnace is the uniform distribution of temperature over the entire working surface. This is ensured by:

- high-quality heat-insulating materials (lining) and wiring;

- the quality of the heating elements and their proper installation;

- the presence of 3 working areas with independent electronic control.

11. Warm-up speed (dynamic indicators) - a high warm-up speed is important both to reduce fusing time and to quickly reach high temperatures at some stages of sintering to achieve a perfectly smooth and shiny glass surface.

It is also possible to install Rapid Cooling Systems on request - it allows to reduce the cooling process, on average, from 8 to 3 hours.

12. Quartz tube, which protects the heaters - a fechral spiral protects the product from particles of the heating element crumbling over time.

13. Thermocouple HA

14. Remote communication system (optional option) - a convenient system for exchanging information with the furnace using a mobile phone, keychain, Internet - will allow you to leave your workplace at a convenient time.
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