Description and advantages of lampwork furnaces
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Description and advantages of lampwork furnaces

Description and advantages of lampwork furnaces
20 October, 2019
1. At the moment, a lampwork oven is a very good buy! Despite the large working area and functional control, the LW16 Pro is cheaper than even smaller ovens.

2. The maximum temperature of 850 ° C - this makes the furnace more versatile, now it can be used not only for lampwork, but also for fusing, metall clay and some other glass working technologies.

3. The controller has the ability to program. In this model of the furnace two operating modes: simple and programmable.

- Simple mode - temperature stabilization with automatic shutdown at the end of the shift (after a specified time after switching on).

- Programmable mode - with the ability to set the program for changing the temperature. Possible program steps: heating, holding, cooling. You can save up to 10 programs, up to 15 stages in the program. The base model LW-16 does not have such an opportunity.

4. The stove can be connected to a regular 220V power supply using an earthed outlet.

5. The pleasant design of the furnace will fit into the interior of any workshop.

6. Convenient holder for knitting needles - a knitting needle with a bead is fixed in the oven so that you can freely open the oven during the lampwork process to put the next knitting needle. The first spoke with a bead is reliably fixed and will retain its position.

7. Safety - in the process of lampwork, the heating elements of the furnace are heated above 800 ° C, therefore, in the design, we pay special attention to factors ensuring the SAFETY of the workplace:
a) high-quality wiring, the best heat-insulating materials;
b) the presence of control systems and protection programs - our unique development is a controller that provides control of the health of all important elements of the furnace - power triac module, heating elements, measuring thermocouples, normalizers, furnace lid, housing temperature, etc. It gives a warning on the screen, and You can detect and fix the malfunction in time;
c) an independent case overheating sensor - blocks the operation of the furnace in the event of an emergency and the risk of fire, helps to prevent a fire hazard by turning off the faulty furnace.

8. The furnace controller has a convenient screen.

9. End of work timer - the furnace control program determines the time when the process will be completed and displays the time before shutting down on the screen.

10. Setting the shutdown time - the ability to turn off the temperature maintenance mode after a specified time.

This function allows you to limit the maximum operating time of the furnace. If you set the time and temperature of the furnace, this information will be remembered and the next time it is turned on, the furnace will work according to the previously set settings. You can also set the time during which the oven will turn off during operation. This is very convenient, for example, if the working day is over, and there is no time to wait for the end of annealing of products. Set a working time, for example, two hours and go home. Be sure - the oven will turn itself off. Forgetting to turn off the oven, you can also be calm for your workplace - after working for a given time, the oven will turn off automatically.

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