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1200x1800M bending furnace

1200x1800M bending furnace

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  • 397,000.00руб.

Main characteristics:

Working area (WxDxH) - 1800x1200x600 mm

Voltage - 220V, 3 f, 50Hz

Power - 27 kW

Maximum temperature - 950 ° C

External dimensions (WxDxH) - 2400x1800x1500 mm

Weight - 539 kg

Warranty - 2 years

Professional furnace for glass bending (molding). Powered by a 3-phase network, 27 kW. Depth of a working zone is 600 mm. The basic package includes: - USB interface for connecting to a computer; - Overheating sensor; - Viewing windows.

External dimensions (W x D x H) 3200х1800х1500 mm
Weight 539 kg
Work Area (WxLxH) 1800x1200x600
Maximum temperature 950°С
Voltage 220V, 50hz
Power 27 kVt

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